Managing and analyzing your fast growing digital evidence is easy with Sentinel Investigations. Search for a specific person or find identical faces in images, videos and documents and recognize new investigative leads.

The solution we have built

Address the fast-growing amount of digital evidence

Sentinel Investigation supports law enforcement or intelligence services by analyzing millions of images, videos and documents for you.

Speed up your investigations

New evidence will automatically be analyzed for known or similar faces. The investigator has more time to focus on the relevant evidence.

Create new and reliable investigative leads

Show similar faces or profiles from all your connected databases and find connected cases and new leads.

Check against wanted or missing persons

Looking for a specific person? Automatically check images and videos (evidence) for a specific person. Receive an alarm if the person of interest is recognized in new evidence.



Sentinel Investigations is the ideal solution for law enforcement and intelligence services that have to deal with a growing amount of digital evidence. This sophisticated facial recognition solution is built to be reliable, secure and efficient.

Highest standards

Highest standards of security and reliability for use by governmental institutions.


Create profiles or connect new evidence to existing profiles.

Reliable and fast

Work reliably and fast even when connected to TB of data or millions of profiles.


Manage cases by connecting profiles, evidence and other cases.


Works in the cloud or locally on your infrastructure.


Set an alarm on a profile and get a notification if the face is found on newly analyzed evidence.