My face is my key: the next step in access management

“Oh blast! I left my key at home. Back in a bit.” Another excuse you can say goodbye to thanks to the SAFOS and AVA-X partnership!

Fast, secure, hygienic: two technology leaders from Switzerland work together. We’re looking forward to taking the next step in access management with SAFOS AG. Thanks to AVA-X’s integrated facial recognition, doors and entrances now open automatically. All you have to do is show your face at the entrance you need, and it opens.

With a one-time registration, which takes 2 minutes, the software automatically recognises guests and employees in less than a second. You have full control and can choose to activate each person just once or only at certain entrances. It’s entirely up to you.

Susie Kläy is part of the management team and responsible for marketing at SAFOS. She says: “The fundamental element of security is user-friendly quality. The advantage of facial recognition technology is the fast processing. There are no passwords for hackers to manipulate. With AVA-X, we have the right partner to use facial recognition technology intelligently and responsibly. I look forward to exciting implementations.”

See more info here. You can also visit the showroom:

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