Face ID Match

Gemini is an AI browser based solution for face matching between official identification documents and faces.

The solution we have built

Face ID Match

Get a reliable face match based on an matching score.

Face Fraud Detection

A secured liveness detection to guard against spoofing attacks.

Why Gemini


Use Gemini for any digital or real time face matching. Open online a bank account or subscribe to a smartphone contract. Gain entrance at sport events or concerts by using the instant identity verification.


Gemini provides reliable identity verification within seconds.


The solution scales. No matter how many transactions, the system scales with the demand.

Software as a Service

The Gemini API can be integrated in any application as a cloud service or on premise.

No additional Hardware

Gemini works with just a browser and a webcam or a smartphone. Nothing else is needed.


Every single request is routed through HTTPS. The software is developed in Switzerland.

For Mobile, Tablet and Desktop

Gemini works on any device with a web browser that has access to the camera.