Access control with COVID-Certificate-Checker

Seamless access control thanks to easy, fast and protected COVID-certificate and ID checks. Checking 3G or 2G, just as you wish.


of our COVID-check solutions

Simple infrastructure.

Laptop, camera.


Registration only needs to be done once, as long as the certificate is valid.

No additional staff.

Automated check-in for COVID certificate. Depending on the solution of your choice, the ID check will be done manually or automated as well.

Fast second entry.

Upon entry, the FaceMatch recognises whether the person is authorised to enter (< 1 sec).

No personal data is stored.

Only a non-readable feature vector of the face is stored. Name, date of birth, health data or photo of the person are not stored.


Our solutions and the installation can be used for easy access control with facial recognition, even when the COVID measures are canceled.

Self check-in-kiosk

Fully automated solution without additional staff.
01. Scan Covid-QR

02. Scan ID / passport or driver’s license

03. Comparison of photo on the ID and person
04. Comparison of the data with the QR code data.

05. FaceVector is saved.

Mobile Laptop version

Manual ID check, automated certificate check.
01. Take a photo with the webcam
02. Scan Covid-QR via webcam
03. Manual check of the ID / passport or driver’s license
04. Check and read data

05. COVID status checked

Data protection guaranteed

By reading the QR code and the ID card/passport, personal data (name, date of birth, health status and photo) is retrieved for verification but not stored on the device or system. After verification, this data is deleted from the cache.

The system only stores an encoded feature vector of the face, which is untraceable and cannot be linked to personal data or profiles. No image of the person is stored. When recognising the face at the entrance of an event, the system does not know the identity (name etc.) of the person.

Interested to know more?

Contact us to get more information. If you decide to use one of the two COVID checkers we have, we will be ready in 5 days. The question is: are you?