Bringing the fans back

Let’s start with the good news: big sporting events are back in Switzerland! The bad news: due to the mandatory Covid certificate and ID check, sport clubs estimate they’ll need hours more to get everyone into their stadiums, which is simply not sustainable. We talked to several clubs about this challenge and have developed an easy, fast and reliable solution to make it easier.

We developed an access control system based on our ID check solution, Gemini. The new system incorporates the Covid certificate and identity check: Customers can check-in in advance, sign up with their ID, upload or take a selfie and scan their Covid certificate QR code. At the event (and any other events in the period of the vaccine protection/effectiveness), the visitor only has to smile at a camera, and our premium facial recognition knows they’re already checked and good to go.

Check out our one-pager linked below or contact us directly for a demo!

AVA-X Covid Access Control

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