Background Checks

Libra offers fast and reliable background checks as part of the AML/KYC process. The comparison is done directly from the ID document and usually via face recognition.

The solution we have built

Face Verification

Simple search via the image of a person, makes identification easy.

Fuzzy Search Logic

Some names are complicated to write. Libra also finds the right name for spelling mistakes.

Direct Check ID

The search can be started directly from an official ID document. Reading an image or OCR is sufficient.

Why Libra


Libra is the only solution that allows you to search sanction, pep, and law enforcement lists using facial recognition. Facial recognition is much more reliable than searching for a person via text input.

In Seconds

Our face recognition technology verifies and screens identities in seconds. Libra also supports fuzzy text search and name search in multiple alphabets.

Software as a service

A cloud-based solution for easy and cost effective deployment is available on a subscription basis or as an integrated workflow solution.


Our solution includes official watch lists and politically-exposed-persons. The data is augmented with Open Source Intelligence offering.

Custom implementation

Libra can be operated in-house and enriched with your own blacklists. The data is reliably updated every 24 hours.

Regulatory compliance

The data is highly secured and time stamped information is available for audit trails and reporting.

Complete picture

Libra’s database contains all relevant sanctions lists and, on request, country-specific pep lists as well as law enforcement lists. The lists are updated daily.