New power to accelerate AVA-X

Ava-X is one of Deep Impact’s ventures: thanks to artificial intelligence, we offer digital identification products that are among the best in the world. Applications range from biometric ticketing to access control and fraud detection.

Tobias Bolliger joined the company to bundle products, build the team, and serve our customers even more specifically. Tobias originally studied law and for the last 10 years, he has been working – as a cybercrime expert – with the federal police. Back in the beginning, it was a niche department, but over the years, cybercrime grew to become the most reported crime in Switzerland.


His job was tough: he dealt with child pornography, organised crime, and terrorism. But the higher goal – to make people’s lives safer – motivated and satisfied him. Living innovation is important to Tobias and was part of his decision making when the moment came to consider whether he should use his talents elsewhere.
So he set out to find innovative companies that could benefit from his knowledge and experience. And searching on LinkedIn, he discovered Deep Impact. Now an integral part of the company as acceleration manager for Ava-X, he says: “The more I learn about Ava-X products, the more excited I am”.

Learn more about Ava-X:

He knows there is a strong need for face recognition and smart identification products. Now it is time to make Ava-X known. We look forward to seeing even more innovative applications in the future.


Want to talk to Tobias about Ava-X and how its products could help you?

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