Facial recognition – now with fever tracking!

How do we find balance in the new normal? How do we meet people, go to work and share big events without the fear of a new wave of COVID-19?

Everyone’s talking about the “new normal” these days. But what does that look like? And how can we, despite enjoying life and ramping up the economy again, ensure we won’t be hit by a second wave? With the current situation at the German Tönnies slaughterhouse, where 1000 employees have COVID-19 and more than 6000 are in quarantine with their families, it’s important to create a new normal that is less risky for everyone. Businesses and factories, event organisers and governments now have to put measures in place to prevent such catastrophes.
We’ve been thinking about this a great deal. Ava-X is a venture we’re very proud of: one of its specialisations is AI-powered identification. Sentinel, a facial recognition solution, is already in use in door entry systems, stadiums, digital identification for banks and more. Now facing the challenges of the coronavirus, we’ve developed a new feature: a fever tracker integrated into the facial recognition solution. This will help enormously to make entering offices and events much safer.

How does it work?

One of COVID-19’s symptoms is fever. An elevated temperature can be an early warning that something is wrong and warn us to take precautions. The normal human face temperature is between 32° and 34°C. The no-touch, easy to set up fever tracker shows the temperature very quickly. Integrated into Sentinel, it will only let someone who is
  • authorised to enter the building (e.g. at the entrance to your office)
  • fever free


If you’re authorised and your body temperature is normal, you’re free to pass.


Here you see how quickly the device detects a person approaching and tracks their temperature.

Do you want to know more about face recognition and fever tracking?

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