Access Control

Realtime time face match for biometrical venue entry Sentinel captures and identifies people in less than a second. This allows entry into a stadium or arena without a physical ticket.

The solution we have built

Face Recognition

Sentinel recognizes faces in less than a second with unparalleled precision.

Biometrical Ticket

Thanks to the quick facial recognition, Sentinel can be used as a biometric ticket. The customer is identified in less than a second and access to the event.

No expensive Hardware

Sentinel only needs a webcam with HD resolution. Therefore there are no expensive hardware procurements.

Check against Blacklists

Sentinel can also scan and match Blacklist or Law-enforcement databases. This significantly increases safety at an event.

Why Sentinel


Sentinel makes access to an event safe and fast. A person is identified in less than a second. No matter if it is a visitor, an employee or someone on a blacklist. The persons can be reliably filtered out. Sentinel can also be used as a biometric payment.

Convenient Entry

Simply enter the stadium or arena without physical tickets. Persons are reliably identified upon entry.

Access control

As an access system, Sentinel can also manage access to restricted zones.

Payment solution

Face recognition can also be integrated as a payment method.

Standard Hardware

Sentinel only needs a HD webcam on a computer. No expensive hardware installation is required.

Increase security

People on blacklists or law enforcement lists can be reliably identified.

Extremly reliable

Sentinel has achieved a reliability of over 99.8% in the benchmark LFW. This makes Sentinel one of the best in the world.

Access control with COVID-3G-Checker

Mandatory COVID and identification checks can cost a lot of resources and time. AVA-X has developed two possible solutions that make the check-in and access thereafter automated and seamless.

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