About us

Our Philosophy

We believe in the combination of human and artificial intelligence. We identify, recognise and locate people. As Search Innovators we go beyond the normal search engines. We structure data in powerful databases and make the information directly actionable for our clients.

Driven by our passion for technology, we build solutions that matter. We are a closely knit team of software developers, data scientists, researchers, designers, architects and business developers dedicated to leaving an impact.

What we can do for you

AVA-X also offers its expertise in Natural Language Processing, Face Matching, Computer vision, Data science to external companies. AVA-X uses special prototyping concepts that quickly deliver outstanding results.

A Deep Impact Spin-Off

AVA-X is an accelerator project of Deep Impact AG in Winterthur. As an accelerator, Deep Impact offers space for innovation and digital transformation. Deep Impact builds new platforms with new business ideas in a maximum of 6 months.

AVA-X is a Venture of Deep Impact from Winterthur, Switzerland.

Deep Impact develops innovative Technologies in under 6 months.