Easy access management with our COVID-certificate-checker

The 3G rules that are implemented for events and more and more offices in Switzerland kept us busy in the last few weeks! We’ve been creating solutions that not only help you keep your employees and guests safe, but also save resources. 

We are proud to present to you our two solutions: 

  1. The Self-Check-in-kiosk: A fully automated solution where employees, visitors or guests can sign up completely on their own in less than 1 minute and will afterwards be recognized by the system. 
  2. The mobile Laptop version where only the ID check will be done manually. After the sign up, your employee will also be recognized by the system and can access seamlessly. 

Who can benefit from this? 

We have seen that our 3G-COVID-Checkers provide the biggest value for any access situations that are repeated. One-time access, for example at events, are easier to manage manually. But as soon as the guest, employee or visitor returns to an entrance, the fast access thanks to facial recognition helps everyone save time. 

We see our solution as very helpful for 

  • Enterprises
  • Co-Working Spaces
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Subscribed sports fans that go to their clubs’ games regularly

Read more about our 3G-COVID-Checkers here

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